New automatic filtering system that allows you to obtain a freshly squeezed juice of the best quality free of seeds and impurities.

Thanks to the exclusive patented system, the pulp and seeds move along the filter until they are automatically discarded in the side bark tanks of the machine, so it is not necessary to empty or periodically clean the filter.

It can be adapted to the Basic, BigBasic, Top, FastTop and BigTop models.

This option also includes the Self-Inox Tap, which transforms the juicer into a perfect machine for self-service.

The operation is very simple, just by activating the tap the machine automatically starts the squeezing cycle. The automatic filter is activated simultaneously.

It is the perfect option for all those businesses that squeeze a large number of oranges a day and want to offer a juice in perfect condition to consume or bottle.

Are you interested and want to know our rates? Contact us by writing an email to or by calling +34 961 344 141 and our sales team will create a specific budget that suits the needs of your business.