How long does it take to earn back my investment?


Depending on the cost price of the oranges and the amount of juice you sell per day, you can calculate your return on investment. As an average, 1 kg of oranges contains 400 ml of juice. If you sell cups of 200 ml, each kg of oranges gives 2 cups of juice.



Price per kg of oranges: 0,50 euro

Sales price per glass of 200 ml: 2,00 euros

Sales per day: 30 cups

Costs per day: 7,50 euros

Net profit per day: 52,50 euros


Net profit per month: (27 days) 1.417,50 euros

How often should I clean the machine?

We recommend cleaning the machine at the end of the day.

The innovative automatic shower system (optional) has been designed to quickly clean the machine during the day. Additionally it facilitates the final cleaning at the end of the day.

How long does it take to clean the machine?

The ergonomic design of the squeezing components enables a fast and efficient cleaning process.

Counter top models can be cleaned within 5-10 minutes and machines on a stand needs an extra 5 minutes.

Can I squeeze any kind of citrus fruit?

Our machines been designed for squeezing any kind of citrus fruit ranging from 45-95 mm diameter.

The standard kit is for fruits with a diameter of 65-80 mm.

The BigBasic and BigTop are designed for squeeze big fruits with a diameter of 75-95 mm.

Additional kit of 45-60 is available for all models except Minimax and Minimatic.

I would like to have a machine but i don't have much free counter space

Our model Minimax is the smallest automatic juicer on the market with a width of just 33 cm.

We also have machines fitted on stainless steel stands, so no counter space is needed.

Where do the peels go?

After the citrus fruit has been squeezed, the peels are automatically ejected into the closed and fitted peel bucket located on each side of the machine.

In the stainless steel models there is a large capacity, integrated waste bin inside the stand.

Will I constantly be feeding the machine with oranges?


For higher juice production, some of our models are equipped with a high capacity (25 kg/54 lbs) automatic feeding system.

How can I control orange wastage?

The machine, through its easy and intuitive to use 3.0 digital display, will inform you when it needs to be emptied.

Does the machine require any maintenance?

Our machines require no maintenance at all.

What if I need to replace any part?

We can dispatch any replacement part in 48 hours. You must contact your local authorised distributor or contact directly with Zumoval

What is a good location to place these machines?

Any place where there is a demand for top quality, healthy, freshly squeezed orange juice, such as bars, supermarkets, cafes, restaurants, gyms, airports, schools, universities, etc.